Sunday, February 24, 2013

Calendars for March and April! (FREEBIE)

I'm updating my planner with the new month pages and I figured I'd share the calendar pages I have done! No sense in sharing January and February with you as they are (almost) past, but here's March and April!!

Download your March calendar HERE.

Download your April calendar HERE

I am finally getting my planner organized the way I want it and getting around to creating all the pages I'd like to have in it! My hope is to be able to create an easily-to-create-and-use planner for 2014, so I'm experimenting this year with some designs. I am excited to have some success this week with a finished planner tab/pocket/project tracker for each month, so look forward to seeing that soon!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Craft Room Sneak Peek

I'm *supposed* to be organizing my Master Closet as per this month's challenge, but I'm going to be honest... I can't seem to find the motivation to do it. We're approaching the 1/2 way mark for the month tomorrow, but I haven't started on it yet. In true procrastination form, though, I have been finding other "productive" things to occupy my time. Most recently, I've been trying to get my craft room put together. I'm excited for how this project is coming along! While I don't have finished pictures to share, I *do* have a few sneak peeks for you! Here's some of the progress...

Hooray for progress!! Now to get working on my OWN closet... How is yours coming along??

Friday, February 1, 2013

February Focus... Master Closet!!

I can't believe it's February already, but I've learned to trust the calendar, so I guess it is!! How did you all fare on the January Master Bedroom challenge?? Well, if you still have some work to do there, you're in luck - we're staying in the general vicinity with the MASTER CLOSET!

Some of you have a Master Closet that is just that, a closet in your master bedroom. Others have a whole 'nother room as their closet / dressing area. Whatever your circumstance, this month's challenge is for YOU! It's the same deelio as last month. Follow the steps and enjoy the process! If you don't remember, here they are!
I'll be sharing my own progress as we go, and I'd love for you to link up your progress in the comments or follow along by joining our 12 Months to a Systematic Home group on Facebook!