Saturday, August 17, 2013

Udating Medical Files

In light of some recent medical issues, I recently decided to update my medical files. For me, that meant going to my dr offices and getting physical copies of my files (and my daughter's files) so that I could give the most accurate information possible to drs when I spoke with them. I had my GP, whom I only saw when I was sick, my OBGYN, whom I saw at least annually, but often more frequently due to some hormone imbalances, and, most recently, a rheumatologist. As I sat in the rheumatologist office filling out the same initial paperwork I've had to for every other office, I realized that I left my medical file at home. I had forgotten what an important resource that is!! As I tried to recall from memory all of the various diseases my parents, brother, and grandparents had I missed having my Family Medical History sheet with me. That is important information to have, especially when trying to determine what underlying issues may be lurking in your family history.

Do you have personal medical files on each member of your family? Do you request copies of the Dr's progress notes from appointments? Do you KNOW what is in your medical history, or your family's medical history?

Aside from family history, one of the things that doctors NEED to know is what medication you are on. This is true for dentists, too. It is always a good idea to carry a list of your current medications and their doses with you, because sometimes it is hard to remember exactly what you're on and drug interactions can be very serious! To help with that, I have created a Current Medications card that I will be filling out for myself and recommend you do, too, if you are on any medications. Just print it out, fill it in, cut it out and fold it in half. You can laminate it if you want for durability. Or you can just double stick tape it together so it doesn't come unfolded when you need to pull it out. You've got a choice of 5 colors, which is especially helpful if you have multiple family members on medication. Here's a peek!

To download your copy, go HERE!

As always, I'd love to know what you think!!

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