Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Feature... Two Tip Tuesday!!

I am excited to start a regular new feature that I have titled "TWO TIP TUESDAY"! Here's how it works... I pick a household item and show you two non-standard, but helpful, ways to use that item. I LOVE finding creative uses for common items to make them more versatile. It's usually more cost effective that way, and more fun to think outside the box!

This week's featured item is a belt and tie rack like this one:
The one pictured is a set of 2 for $4.99 at Target, so relatively inexpensive. Obviously, they are designed for holding belts and ties and work pretty well for that. My favorite use for them is for necklaces, though.
It keeps all my necklaces from getting tangled and allows me to store them easily by color. I love having my jewelry organized! 

My second use for these hangers is as doll clothing storage. Because doll clothes are so much smaller than regular clothes, it's hard to hang them up to store them. Doll hangers typically are not big enough to hang on a regular rod, and small doll wardrobes tend to tip over, undermining the purpose of the hanger, since all the clothes fall off the rod when the wardrobe tips. These hangers are velvety and hold onto the clothes, but are also small and fit in the smaller clothes!

Of course, these hangers are also great for scarves, storing lengths of ribbon in your craft room, or storing bracelets. 

There you have it! Two new uses for this handy little hanger! Happy Two Tip Tuesday!

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