Friday, October 5, 2012

The Nest Effect

I have found a renewed interest in a blog called The Nest Effect. Right now I have a BAZILLION tabs open  from all the ideas I found on Pinterest that I want to look at. Among them was The Nest Effect, where I came across this post:

She talks about conquering her paper clutter. As this is one of my BIGGEST areas of clutter, and the one I am currently trying to tackle, I was immediately interested. Then I started reading and decided that I might perhaps love her. Sadly, I don't have the time right this moment to implement everything she talks about, but I do want to start working through her ideas and conquering this clutter that takes my life by storm.

Why am I so attached to paper, anyway? That's a subject for another post - and perhaps some long therapy sessions - but a good question.

For now I will just say that I want to go read everything ever written on The Nest Effect and leave it at that. Now... where did I put that "stop time so I can spend as much of it as I want on the internet without getting behind on other things" gadget?...

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