Sunday, December 9, 2012

Set Yourself Up for Success!!

Sunday evening is here again... how are you setting yourself up for success this week?? I find that if I think through a few things and get them set up on Sunday evening, my whole week runs better. Here are a few of the things I do on Sundays to prepare for the week ahead... 

1. Schedule - I look at my schedule for the week to see what we've got going on. Anything special we need to plan for? Have I allotted time for the things I want to get done? Have I set aside time to do the things that are important to me?

2. Sustenance - I look at what's on the schedule and make a plan for what we'll have for dinner. I also take the time to make my daughter's lunches for the week and put them in the fridge. 

3. Shopping - Once I know what we're having for dinner, I can check to make sure we have all the necessary ingredients. What other things are we running low on? Are there special events coming up this week that I need to pick up special things for? 

4. Shirts, Skirts, Shoes, and Such - I plan out my daughter's clothes for the week in her closet. Each day she only has to grab the outfits, then, and it saves time on getting dressed. I do the same thing for myself, based on what I've got going on for the week. 

5. Supplements - I dole out our vitamins, supplements, and medications for the week on Sunday nights. I have a pill case I put my stuff in, and little containers I put my daughter's things in. 

6. Spending - Sunday night is a great time to sit down, look at where I am on the budget, what I spent last week, what bills I have coming up this week, what expenses we have this week (this ties in with Shopping), and check the paper to see if there are sales or coupons to take advantage of. 

I made myself a sheet to help me think through my week. It looks something like this:

I also created a blank version for you guys if you want to use it. It's slightly different because I left space for you to write in your own Shopping and Spending categories. You can use these sections for days, stores, spending categories, amount spent per day, sales, etc. I also left blank the sections I divided for myself and my daughter, and I left off the Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner / Snack planning on the Sustenance section. Basically, I simplified it for versatility. Here it is... 

You can download the pdf HERE.

I hope you enjoy getting set up for the week on Sunday! It simplifies so much for the week ahead!! As always, if you find this helpful, please leave me a comment! I love to hear how others organize their lives!!

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