Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Holidays are HERE!

I have managed to avoid most of the holiday frenzy with a little planning ahead and an attitude of enjoyment this season. It has been wonderful! As the last few days before Christmas come, though, I realize I am in a crunch to get the things done before the festivities begin! Tomorrow is my daughter's last day of school, including a program just before early dismissal, and my inlaws will be arriving, staying the night, and celebrating an early Christmas with us. We will be having a lovely holiday meal (my choice, not their requirement) that I will be shopping for with a friend first thing in the morning. While I am doing that I will also pick up the groceries for our Christmas Eve "dinner" and Christmas morning breakfast. With guests arriving, I'd like to have the house clean and presentable, including an extra room for my brother in law to sleep in on an air mattress. As the holidays have been underway, I have let a few of my systems slip and, therefore, have quite a bit of cleaning up to do so that I feel everything is presentable! I am fortunate not to have judgmental inlaws in case everything doesn't get done, but I would like to enjoy the holidays without piles of laundry and messy rooms glaring at me.

SO... These are my goals for the next ~24 hours:

  • Double check the Guest Room
    • Clean Sheets
    • Empty Trash
    • Refresh Guest Basket
  • Prepare Leif's Office as Guest Room #2
    • Put books back on shelf
    • Move air mattress and linens into room
  • Tidy the Guest Bathroom (also known as my daughter's bathroom!)
    • Pick up bath toys
    • Pick up hair things
    • Replenish toilet paper
    • Remove dirty towels
  • Shop for Holiday Groceries
    • Take THE LIST with me!
    • Costco
    • Walmart
    • Town and Country
  • Wrap 1st Grade Teacher's Gift
    • Satin Hands
    • Eliana's gifts
    • Card
  • Deliver 1st Grade Gifts before Recitation
    • Put gifts in a box
    • Deliver 1st thing in the morning
  • Clean the Master Bedroom
    • Laundry away
    • Clear off dresser
    • Clear off nightstands
    • Make bed
  • Clean the Master Bathroom
    • Clear off counters
    • Wash sinks
    • Clean mirror
  • Tidy my Office
    • Pick up floor
    • Put boxes on top shelf
    • Clear off desk
  • Tidy my Dining Room Desk
    • Clear off desk
    • Deal with papers
  • Clean the Kitchen
    • Dishes
    • Clear counters
    • Clean stove top
  • Paint Nails
  • Braid/Curl Eliana's hair
  • Cook "Christmas" Dinner!
Whew! With that many things to do, perhaps it is time I get to them... 

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