Friday, November 30, 2012

Daily Routines... Morning

I truly believe that one of the best things we can do to create a atmosphere of peace and calm in our home is to create routines. A routine provides a methodical way to accomplish tasks in a set order so that they are done efficiently and effectively, with few things slipping through the crack. Routines are helpful in all sorts of situations, but I find that two of the most important routines that will shape your life are the Morning Routine and the Evening Routine. Today we are going to talk about the morning routine.

What do you do each morning? Do you have a set morning routine already? Chances are, parts of your morning are already systematized. Most people follow a routine to wash their hair, brush their teeth, etc. These are things we don't have to think about to get done. They just happen. When you can automate the MAJORITY of your morning, you won't face the every day frustrations of rushing your kids out the door, skipping breakfast, losing shoes, losing keys, etc. Imagine how much more peaceful life could be if you started your day out with calm purpose instead of hurried frenzy!

I know that the Morning Routine has done several things for me personally:

1. It has allowed me to fit exercise into my life where I wasn't fitting it before. With a Morning Routine, I have exercise planned into my day. If I don't exercise first thing in the morning, it won't happen once I am dressed and my day is under way.

2. It has allowed my 6 year old daughter the freedom to get herself ready for school. She KNOWS the routine. She knows to get dressed, brush her teeth and hair, eat breakfast, get her lunch out of the fridge, pack her bag, and get her shoes on for school. I don't have to harp on her to do it, because we do it in the same way every day.

3. It has kept me from forgetting my medication every day. I used to have to remember, "Did I take my pill?" and would take it at all times throughout the day, as I remembered. Now I take it as part of my morning routine and the problem is solved!

4. It has kept me from forgetting breakfast! I have the same thing for breakfast most mornings. It's part of my routine. I drink a protein shake I can grab and drink with my pill. It doesn't take long and is something I can do, even if I am running behind schedule for some reason.

I love my morning routine! Now, my routines change as my life changes, but it's not a whole new routine or habit I have to form, just a tweak here and there. For example, once summer comes we won't have the same schedule for getting Eliana out the door to school in the morning. Then we will tweak the routine to fit our at-home summer plans.

I will also mention that my Morning Routine is not something that I adhere to at the expense of living life. My family is more important than my routine. If my daughter needs me to be with her while she is getting ready for some reason, I can sit and eat breakfast with her instead of doing my hair and makeup. I can let my hair air dry and do a quick on-the-go look. If I did it every day I would start to feel frazzled and frumpy, but sometimes family trumps fashion. That's fine! My daughter and husband should know that they are more important to me than a check on my list!

That said, here is my ideal morning, otherwise known as my Morning Routine. I assigned times to the tasks to keep me on schedule, not because they happen at exactly those times each day. Again, this is an ideal.

I have also created a blank copy of this if you would like to create your own morning routine. I put this in a clear page protector and check things off as I go (if I am still building the habit of following the routine - now I just know it and do things in that order. If you'd like to create your own morning routine using this sheet, here it is...

Download the blank Morning Routine HERE.

If you find this helpful, please leave me a little comment telling me so! I always enjoy hearing how people organize their lives!! Have a wonderful day organizing your COLORFUL life!!

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