Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Key to an Organized Thanksgiving NEXT YEAR...

... is setting yourself up for success THIS year. Take note of what frustrations you are coming across so that they can be a positive resource to help you next year. Make notes of what you'd do differently AS you think of them. Because, trust me, you won't remember next year that THIS year you SWORE you would never do "X" again. 365 days is a long time for you to try to store information in your brain. A better solution is to put a note in your Thanksgiving Planner for next year.

You don't HAVE a Thanksgiving Planner, you say?? Well, then THIS YEAR is the perfect time to start one for next year. All you need is a binder and some page protectors. Maybe some notebook paper or printables. I'm putting mine together today for next year as I come across ideas I think would be fun to implement. You can find some pre-made Thanksgiving Planners and printables all over the internet, but for right now I am using this one I found. I'll probably make my own some year, but not this year!

So... Set yourself up for success and keep in mind what you want to do differently next year. Because a better NEXT YEAR is worth the effort THIS YEAR, and it keeps you thinking about positive change instead of getting frustrated over the shortcomings this year. =D


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